Be careful when a bad day sets in...

Be careful when a bad day sets in...

We've all experienced those challenging days. No matter how spiritually inclined you may be, there are moments when you feel off, frustrated with the world, and tempted to scream. Here's my advice for navigating such tough days:

Vent your frustrations by screaming into your pillow; it's okay to express strong emotions, but it's crucial not to cling to them. Take a moment to reflect on why you're having a rough day. Is it due to your own actions or external factors?

If it's self-inflicted, dust yourself off and take a walk to sort through your emotions. Connecting with nature during a walk can help you ground yourself and regain focus. If someone else is the cause of your distress, resist absorbing their negativity. Stay neutral and, if possible, distance yourself until emotions cool down.

Holding onto negative emotions inadvertently signals to the universe that you desire more of the same, perpetuating a cycle. Your thoughts manifest in this tangible realm, so don't let a challenging moment dictate your entire day. Shake it off, and you'll find that you feel much better in the long run.

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