I'm fulfilling my soul's purpose, but I don't feel like I belong...

I'm fulfilling my soul's purpose, but I don't feel like I belong...

So in my last blog I talked about finding your soul's purpose and finding your path to spiritual awareness and enlightenment. Today I want to talk about feeling fulfilled in a saturated world. 

All my life I've felt like I never quite belonged to this 3-D world. I always felt different, misunderstood, and alone. It's part of why I began my spiritual journey to find myself and see how I could make myself fit into this world full of political and social dogma. 

When I felt the calling to launch my business, I was wondering how that would happen when what I do is a very saturated market. I have tried my hand at social media, without much success. I feel no matter what I do, I can't help but feel a sense of rejection. I know you have been there. I know what I have is unique and what you have is unique. I know that no one has products like mine, or yours because no one is me or you.

Still, I've come to learn that maybe it's not me. Maybe it's the others that are not comfortable in their own skin or truths! Have you ever approached someone as your genuine self and felt uncomfortable and then ended up holding yourself back? That was me, but not anymore. I've come to realize that the right people will find you if you stay on the correct path, and the others will fall behind, where they belong.

Never put a mask on to please others. There are 8.1 billion people in this world, surely you will find your crowd! Never settle — keep yourself moving forward. Let your confidence shine! It doesn't matter how many followers you have on social media. It doesn't matter if people don't end up liking you. If you love yourself and what you do, KEEP GOING!!

I have, no matter what people think about me, and my products are now in 9 stores across the country! You can manifest ANYTHING for yourself despite the odds that you think are against you. I believe in myself, and I believe in YOU!!


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