A Reiki awakening: The first of many blog posts! Who am I and what is my purpose?

Ah, this is the question that I know I'm not the only one who has ever considered it. We are all here on this 3-D plane to serve a purpose. It took me years — and I mean years — to finally find my purpose.

Through hell and heaven — and back and forth on my up-and-down, zig-zag path — I have finally arrived. How would I define my soul's purpose, and how do I know I arrived? Well, let me answer the last question first.

I know I have arrived because my soul feels content in what I'm doing and what I am adding to this world. I feel I am no longer searching. I am a healer and I was called to heal through my products with the added power of Reiki. But it took YEARS to finally get here. Why? Because I needed to go through many spiritual transformations (ahhh, there were SO MANY!!!).

These transformations slowly led me to awareness, which led me to what my purpose is today. How do you find your soul's purpose? If you are hungry for it and open to source showing you, I promise through meditation, patience, and trust, you will be led to where you need to be.

Those open and willing to go through transformations will be guided to places and people that are meant to find you — and add to your journey and overall spiritual growth. The reason so many do not find their purpose is because of resistance to change, and allowing the ego to lead rather than the heart. If you open your heart to love and change that is for your highest good, these are the first steps needed to open the door and start down the path to enlightenment and self-awareness.

I have decided to add a blog to my website to help you get to know me as a business owner, maker of my magickal products, and a little peek-a-view into my own spiritual journey. My next blog, I will discuss "I have arrived, but I don't feel I fit in..." 



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