Yeah baby, It's hip to be a square!

Yeah baby, It's hip to be a square!

Huey Lewis and The News was spot-on with their 1986 hit, "Hip to Be Square." I was just 14 years old at the time! Do you ever feel like you're that square peg attempting to squeeze into a round hole? Well, I'm here to tell you to embrace your uniqueness. Embrace your beautifully distinctive self! If you ever doubt your place in the world, stop those thoughts and listen to me. You fit in perfectly – 100% – in your own unique circle, even if it happens to be square! Don't you dare compromise any part of yourself to conform to that round hole.

As we journey through life, continually evolving and transforming, you might wonder, "More transformations? Haven't I reached my destination?" YES! Embrace countless transformations, beautiful soul. Transformations become incredibly liberating when you learn to let go and embrace the wonderful evolution of YOU!

Remember, we're always changing, and change is a wonderful thing. If you have faith in the universe and aspire to better yourself, let go and become the person you truly want to be, complete with all your square sides and unique edges that don't seem to fit into that round hole. That round hole is for those who are judgmental and fearful of their own shadows, projecting their insecurities onto those of us who are truly striving.

I promise you, when you surrender to the universe, it will deliver your dreams and desires far beyond your wildest expectations. Your spiritual growth will soar to the stars, and suddenly, the worries about fitting in will become a distant memory. And you know what? You'll attract all the other squares out there who've been through similar experiences and form your own beautiful connections!

So, never sand down your corners to fit into a hole where you don't belong. Sharpen those square edges, believe in yourself and your journey, and let those sharp sides of your newly honed square cut out anyone trying to change you. Authenticity has always been in style, while conformity is totally out of fashion. Be comfortable being with yourself because you are the only one that knows yourself the best.




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