Yes, I am a trained formulator!

Yes, I am a trained formulator!

During the pandemic, I made a decision to elevate my passion for crafting healing products. I enrolled in a school where I learned the art of creating emulsions, serums, balms, and more, just as the professionals do. I dedicated nearly two years to mastering these skills. Upon completing my courses, I submitted my own formulations for evaluation by the school's cosmetic chemists.

Their overwhelming praise moved me to tears as they recognized my grasp of the complex coursework and my ability to produce marketable products, not just items for personal use. Every product I create are my unique formulations. I've channeled the knowledge gained from my education to craft products that are both effective, natural, and safe for your use. Some of my friends were initially marveled that I could create silky-smooth emulsions akin to those found in stores.

What sets my products apart, aside from the energy of crystals? It's my unwavering passion and abundant positive energy. You'll genuinely feel the love infused into each formula, especially now, thanks to the healing influence of Reiki, which I now incorporate into all my products. When I first began formulating, I wasn't a Reiki master, but since then, I've been attuned by my Reiki master, which allows me to infuse this powerful energy into my creations.

I understand there's a lot of choices when it comes to skincare, but I wholeheartedly believe in my products and would confidently place them among the finest available. I'm grateful for the tremendous support I've received from many over the years who have embraced my formulations. This support fuels my passion, driving me to continue being true to myself and creating beautiful products, knowing that the universe will guide them to the stores where they truly belong. Proud to be in 10 retail stores now, and counting. I feel so blessed!

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